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Welcome To Our College

It was the year 1978. Higher Education had not yet spreaded to the rural Odisha. Sarankul, a small but beautiful village of Nayagarh district awoke from its long sleep. Under the proper guidance and well- organized steps of Sj. Artabandhu Mishra an advocate of Odisha High Court in those days, a higher educational institution named SARANKUL COLLEGE was established in order to cater to the higher educational need of this area, a Shaiva Pitha famous for LADUBABA .
On the 25th june of 1978,the inception ceremony of the college was held in campus of the then Sanskrit Tol of Sarankul with Sj.Prafulla Kumar Maharana as its 1st Principal. The first cry of the new born infant was heard on the 27th day of July that year. It was the first day of starting of classes.
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Maheshwar Mahapatra

Principal's Message

In this age of IT , INTERNET has grasped almost all the spheres of life. There is not a single field which is free from its clautch. I feel immense joy that Sarankul College is now on INTERNET and we are able to interact with the outside world. Our College is a small but beautiful one. With a noble VISION to prepare and empower the rural youth to succeed in a challenging world, the college has its planned MISSION.From nothing we have achieved something. But, the more is yet to be. For this, united effort is essential. Let us all hope for the best and march forward still achieving, still pursuing.



The college is strict in attendance, academic performance, mentor contact with parents for development and progression of the student. Seminar activities, projects, the live projects with companies are organised. There will be no leisure periods.

Chinmaya Dash

Student 1st Year
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The infrastructure is nice. It is a developing college. There is a green environment. It is far away from the city. There is a peaceful environment to study with a full of fresh air. And also, there is a friendly environment. The classrooms are well-ventilated

Saudamini Sahoo

Student 3rd Year

The teachers are very much qualified as most of the teachers have PhD degree. The teachers are very knowledgeable. Most of the teachers use projectors to teach the students. It feels more like a school than a college.

Biswajit Parida

Student 2nd Year