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This college has one male unit of N.S.S. almost since the inception of the college and another female unit of N.S.S. from 2001-02 with 50 volunteers each unit. The motto of NSS is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. Which means one does not live for himself but for others by exposing his service mentality beyound four walls to be a good citizen. Both NSS unit are affiliated to the Utkal University N.S.S., Bureau, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar.

Prof. N. Pradhan, Deptt. of History is at present the Programme Officer, N.S.S. (Male unit) and Prof. Mrs. Manojini Dalabehera, Deptt of Odia is the N.S.S. Programme Officer of female unit.


1. To understand the realities of life through direct contact with different communities.

2. To understand the value of constructive social life through dignity of labour.

3. To understand the responsibilities of the committee by developing fellow feeling and providing service to needy.

4. To inculcate in the students the value of good citizenship and democratic leadership.

5. To inculcate in the students a sence of National unity and universal brotherhood.

6. To fight against social evils and taboos.

Incentives for the Students:

1. The best volunteers award by university as a token of recognition awarded annually.

2. To participate in College inter College, Inter University and National Campus.

3. Indira Gandhi National Award with cash & a citation.

4. Preference in various jobs & engagements like NSV.

5. Preference in admission in the higher class to the volunteers of distinguishing character.