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• Quality Education to Rural Youths through integrated effort and innovative practices.

• To inspire, prepare and empower Rural students / Youths to succeed in a challenging world.

• All round development of students.


• Integrated approach of teaching.

• Accountability of the system

• Quick redressal of problems and Grievances.

• To adopt the time bound innovative practices.

• Student-friendly learning Environment

• Freedom to learners.

• Collaborative effort for solving problems.

• Welfare scheme for staff and students.

• Maintaining equity and equality in the campus.

• Moral education.

• Promotion of social justice

• Optimum use of resources

• Promotion of Social Awareness and Humanitarian Values.

• Mentoring and counseling students.


• To provide quality and value based higher education to students.

• To adopt interactive methods for better quality teaching.

• To provide opportunity for participation in sports activities

• To provide moral/Value education.

• To organize Seminars.

• To make the System proactive for quick redressal of grievances.

• To organize NSS/Scout/ YRC activities.

• To organize various competitions for identification and development of talents of students.

• To construct Class Rooms.

• To provide SMART Class Rooms.

• To provide Computer Education to Students and Staff.

• To construct Library Building.

• To Digitalize Library.

• To adopt CBCS pattern..

• To conduct weekly/ Monthly Tests.

• To organize social service programme for nation and community.

The College communicates the Vision , Mission and Objectives to all the stakeholders implicitly through all its activities and programmes and explicitly through College calendar, Annual Magazine and College Website. The college also displays these by walling at strategic locations. These are also declared through various functions and programmes of the college Viz-induction programme, annual function, sports, celebration of national days, NSS ,YRC etc.