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It is the duty of each and every student to safe guard the interest & honour of this College by observing the following rules. Any violation of these rules shall be treated as offence.

1. Students must come to the college having put on the dress as per the code adpoted by the college.

2. Students should not disfigure the College Building and furniture by sticking bills & writing on the walls.

3. Students are restricted to hold any political meeting in the College area or form any Club/ Association in the College other than the Unions & Associations authorised by Law.

4. Students are advised to attend all the classes and not to loiter on the corridor when the classes are on.

5. Students are advised not to ruin the College campus. Rather they should try to beautify the campus.

6. Students are advised not to tamper the electrical accessories and water supply connections.

7. Students should not enter the office room, library, staff common room, Principal’s Chamber without prior permission.

8. Students are advised to keep the College Identity Card always while in the College.

9. Students are advised to keep their mobile phones in switch off mode inside the class room.